1. Let’s Talk Curb Appeal: Siding Projects to Increase Aesthetics

    The aphorism “Don’t judge a book by its cover” can be applied to so many situations in life. Unfortunately, when it comes to real estate, that saying often gets tossed right out the window. If you’ve ever bought a house, or even poked around a real estate website out of curiosity, you’ve probably noticed just how easy it is to judge homes based on the exterior and start crossing options …Read More

  2. Versatility Matters: Set the Tone with Commercial Cement Panel Siding

    Think about the last time you went out to try a new restaurant. Odds are good you started making up your mind before even tasting the food, based solely on reviews online or the impression you made driving up. You have probably heard, time and time again, that aphorism about first impressions being the most important. At a job interview, you want to stand out as confident, professional, and capabl…Read More

  3. Sprucing Up Your Home to Sell

    Given current real estate trends, if you’re thinking about selling your Denver home, now is the time! Whether you’re looking to upsize, downsize, or sell a second property, the real estate market right now is so flooded with buyers that most sellers are seeing an excellent return on their initial investment. However, the caveat here is that May and June are generally the biggest months for rea…Read More

  4. Pests To Watch Out for with Wood Siding

    While wood siding leaves an appealing look to your home, it is wise to be aware of what can wreak havoc as well. Wood siding is known to attract different creatures that can destroy the outside of your beautiful Denver home. At DJK Construction, Inc., we want to make sure your siding is always in tip top shape. Our siding contractors know what to look for and how to prevent different animals and b…Read More

  5. What Your Siding Contractors Want You Know About Wood Siding

    Wood homes in Denver, have a beautiful look and a classic style. However, this type of siding is a bit more high maintenance and can be damaged by simple things in the environment. At DJK Construction, Inc. in Denver, we like our customers to be educated by our skilled and knowledgeable siding contractors. Make an informed decision when it comes to the siding your Denver home. The wood siding comp…Read More