Wood homes in Denver, have a beautiful look and a classic style. However, this type of siding is a bit more high maintenance and can be damaged by simple things in the environment. At DJK Construction, Inc. in Denver, we like our customers to be educated by our skilled and knowledgeable siding contractors. Make an informed decision when it comes to the siding your Denver home.

The wood siding completed by our siding contractors in Denver will be done carefully and professionally, but there are some things to take note of for down the road

Things to know about wood siding from our siding contractors:


When you want to place wood siding on your home, you have to be prepared for the maintenance that comes with it. You have to make sure this siding is repainted at least every nine years. The painting will help restore the spots that have lost adhesion to the wood siding panels. The painter will make sure to scrape and sand areas of the siding that require it. If you want to avoid this step, a stain or a sealant can be used instead. This method is not as labor intensive but is still necessary. You have to thoroughly clean the wood and repair any damaged pieces, which is where our siding contractors come in. We will make sure your wood siding is in tip-top shape and ready for new paint, stain, or sealant.


When it comes to wood siding, if you leave the wood bare without any sealants or paint, it is completely exposed to the elements. Being exposed like this can cause rot and swelling. If the siding is exposed for long periods of time, this type of damage can cause the need for replacing. Make sure you are at least painting this type of siding, so you can prevent these costly repairs and replacements.


Because the siding is made entirely of wood, there is a high likelihood of termites invading the siding. Termites are a fan of the exposed and rotted pieces of wood, so as long as you are keeping up the maintenance of your wood siding, you should be able to prevent this from happening to your Denver home. Other insects can also become bothersome, such as ants, and bees.


The wood siding is not the culprit that is affecting the environment. It is actually what is needed to preserve the wood siding. Some of the stains and sealers are not great for the environment. Some of the chemicals used in these stains and sealants make the components toxic.

If you are thinking about wood siding, it is a good option and will add a nice, rustic look to your home. As long as you follow the proper maintenance and understand that this type of siding takes up keep, and special care, you should be golden to have a nice wood-paneled home. Call our siding contractors in Denver with your questions and concerns. They have been working with wood siding for years so they know the proper way to install and care for this type of home siding.