For classic beauty that stands up against the challenges of Colorado’s natural environment choose wood siding

There are few products that add classic appeal and inviting warmth in quite the same way that natural wood siding does. Inherently hardy and weather-resistant, cedar siding remains a top choice for home and business owners when looking for a durable cladding options. Wood siding transforms the exterior of any building by adding rich tones and dimension that other siding types only hope to mimic. Very easy to stain, a building owner can choose any custom color to clad a home or business in, getting the look they desired exactly right.

Besides its natural beauty, cedar siding is known to be highly resistant to weather conditions, insects and decay. As cedar ages, unlike other building materials, it actually gets more beautiful; taking on a rich silvery gray color that is unique to its species.

Cons to Wood Siding

Though wood can be a beautiful addition to your home or business, it is important to know what the possible cons of installing wood siding material:

  • Can be costly to install
  • Requires regular maintenance such as yearly cleaning
  • Attracts termites
  • Can become cracked, rotted, or a victim of a woodpecker holes
  • May have poor fire ratings (some wood siding comes with fire resistant treatment)

Though wood siding can have its drawbacks, it can also be a wonderful addition to your property.


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