Like its cousin, aluminum siding, the initial impression of vinyl siding was not entirely positive. First introduced in the late 1950s, vinyl siding wasn’t made of the highest quality materials and it soon fell out of favor with siding installation companies and homeowners alike due to its tendency to buckle, sag, fade and crack.

Fast forward 50 years and you’ll find a whole new generation of vinyl siding products that impress even the staunchest supporters of natural siding materials. Today’s advanced material composition and innovative manufacturing techniques have helped to create a vinyl siding that is extremely attractive and durable; offering home and building owners an affordable option that promises lasting beauty and functionality.

Because vinyl siding is also easier to install and the mid-range cost of materials is lower, vinyl siding is more affordable than most wood options. Plus, the upkeep and maintenance make vinyl an attractive choice for many American homeowners. For those exact reasons, and many more, vinyl siding quickly became the primary choice for builders to use when designing new homes, but also for homeowners to choose when replacing their existing siding.

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