Think about the last time you went out to try a new restaurant. Odds are good you started making up your mind before even tasting the food, based solely on reviews online or the impression you made driving up. You have probably heard, time and time again, that aphorism about first impressions being the most important. At a job interview, you want to stand out as confident, professional, and capable, all of which you can do with your appearance just as well as you can a resume. As a business owner, a website can be that first glimpse a customer has at what you do, and that first look can make all the difference in whether you are hired or passed over. Likewise, the exterior of your home or business can say a lot without using a single word. The materials you choose for the exterior of your home or business can have a major impact on the impressions people make as they approach and those impressions can have lasting effects. Is your siding up to the task?


Creating Visual Interest

There are a wide array of different home and commercial exterior options available on the market today, including commercial cement panel siding from producers like Nichiha, and those options allow any builder to create the feel they seek to create a specific mood or tone. If you want a more traditional look for your home, try a wood shingle textured commercial cement panel siding instead of actual cedar shingles. In fact, the variety of textures available in fiber cement siding means you can recreate the look of an old Victorian home, complete with fish scale shingles under the eaves to create visual interest and a more authentic look. Or, if you want to go for a more modern look, pair minimally textured or smooth commercial cement panel siding with aluminum siding for a sleek, streamlined, but still interesting appearance.


Don’t Sacrifice Cost or Durability

With commercial cement panel siding, you get the option to set the visual tone you want thanks to the hundreds of color and texture options available from trusted manufacturers like Nichiha. The even better news is that you don’t have to expect to empty your savings to get the look you want. Fiber cement siding is easy to install, which keeps installation costs down. In addition, it is more durable that a lot of traditional building materials; commercial cement panel siding is made from more stable materials so it is less likely to fade or crack the way wood shingles or natural wood do.

Once you’ve picked the textures and colors that fit the aesthetic you want for your home or property, trust that you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Commercial cement panel siding is designed to last, and will do so without much effort in the way of upkeep. Simply wash with mild soap and water to get the dust and grime off on occasion; there’s no need to re-stain or re-seal every few years like you do with wood siding.


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