1. Fiber Cement Siding: When Green is Your Favorite Color

    When it comes to building materials, green is taking over the world. No, its not any more popular color than it was, say twenty years ago, but green, or eco-friendly, products continue to grow in popularity. With innovative use of natural and bio-degradable components, today's manufacturers are creating new ways to incorporate long-lasting and environmentally-conscious materials into both resident…Read More

  2. Does Re-siding Your Home Increase Its Value?

    Question: If I add new siding to the exterior of my home, can I expect a return on my investment? Answer: Its a question we hear quite often from our customers throughout Colorado. And it's an understandable one. Adding new siding, whether its fiber cement, vinyl or engineered wood, is quite the investment and knowing whether it adds or subtracts from your bottom line is just smart thinking. And o…Read More