fiber cement siding DenverWhen it comes to building materials, green is taking over the world. No, its not any more popular color than it was, say twenty years ago, but green, or eco-friendly, products continue to grow in popularity. With innovative use of natural and bio-degradable components, today’s manufacturers are creating new ways to incorporate long-lasting and environmentally-conscious materials into both residential and commercial buildings. Fiber cement siding helps homeowners make green choices by offering an affordable yet eco-friendly alternative to traditional siding.

Using ingredients such as water, sand, recycled glass, cement and cellulose fiber, fiber cement siding manufacturers, such as James Hardie, reduce the output of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during production. Vinyl siding production is known for high VOC output, polluting the air with toxins.

Fiber cement siding can also be re-purposed, keeping more of it out of the landfills. That being said, when this siding does reach the landfill, it bio-degrades at a much quicker rate than vinyl (which may never break down). Many manufacturers also use recycled content to construct the siding panels, and it is expected to last longer than many vinyl options, keeping the need for replacement materials lower.

With unparalleled beauty and durability, fiber cement siding also delivers many benefits for the homeowner who is looking for sustainability and earth-friendly products for their home. As Denver’s Top-Rated Local® siding contractor, DJK Siding can help you determine if fiber cement siding meets your need for green building. Call us now at 303-598-3946.