1. Reasons Why Brick is Wrong For Your Denver Home

    Here's the setup: You’re just a pig trying to live your life, make a good living, and come home to warm and cozy house made of straw. But your neighbor has other plans and decides to blow down your beautifully built and DIY straw house. In turmoil, you decide to go to your brother for shelter and comfort. Only to discover that his house, made of what he believed to be sturdy stick, is also destr…Read More

  2. 2 Maintenance Tips Siding Contractors In Littleton Wish You Knew

    Some siding contractors in Littleton may try to tell you that they offer no-maintenance siding. While it’s true that some types of house siding are better equipped to handle the wear and tear of Colorado’s volatile weather, the fact is that all siding must have regular maintenance if it’s going to provide lasting protection and the fresh, colorful look that you paid for. Although your …Read More