1. Wavy Siding? What May be Causing that Rippled Effect

    The Causes of Wavy Vinyl Siding Most of the time, professional siding contractors do what they can to ensure that your siding project is of high-quality and promises long-lasting beauty. However, just one badly-trained employee can ruin the crisp, clean look of siding, creating what looks like waves in the panels. Without the understanding of what siding will do under certain moisture and weather …Read More

  2. Clad Your House in Style with These Siding Choices

    With today’s manufacturing and industry advances, almost any look of cladding is possible, using the siding material you need. Combining two to three siding styles helps change up or enhance the actual style of your home, lending to the look that was intended when it was first built. Whether you prefer the clean modern look of panel siding or the clean, traditional lines of board and batten, the…Read More

  3. Why Fiber Cement Siding is a Top Choice for Homeowners

    With the amount of choices of building and siding materials available, its easy to get confused. Why do some people choose vinyl while others choose wood siding and still others choose fiber cement boarding? Though the climate and other factors of where you live do come into play, some of today's building materials can be used in almost any region around the country. Fiber cement siding is one of …Read More

  4. The Advantages and Benefits of Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl siding is increasingly becoming more popular within both residential and commercial building use. Because of its many inherent benefits, vinyl siding is now used on approximately 33% of all newly constructed homes, making it the most popular siding material choice today, according to the US Census Bureau. Manufacturing innovations and updated building techniques have combined to increase the…Read More