Taking the beauty and durability of vinyl siding one step further, Mastic’s Structure siding products also deliver the added benefit of insulation. As the premier choice in vinyl siding, Mastic offers homeowners the ability to enjoy the aspects of insulated siding while still being able to choose from a variety of colors, textures and styles in order to achieve the desired decor.

The benefits of choosing insulated vinyl siding over traditional are plentiful. Of course, evident of the namesake, insulation against heat and cold is optimized with the addition of an interior foam layer. Sound dampening also occurs naturally with the additional layer and resistance to sharp impact is also increased. With added rigidity, insulated vinyl siding help to hide imperfections present in an existing structure; giving a cleaner, more perfect look. Finally, though vinyl siding in itself is resistant to insects and vermin, the added layer of foam insulation eliminates the opportunity for critters to nest between siding and walls.

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