At DJK Construction, Inc., we are here for all your siding needs. We are the experts when it comes to knowing which materials are going to be best for the exterior of your home, as well as colors and installation process. We can help you make decisions, and we can get the siding done quickly and efficiently.

In our next post, we are going to go over the final tips on how to choose your siding installer properly. While we have already gone over how to narrow down the search and your choices, now we narrow much further to find the contractor for you.

How to Choose a Siding Installer

Pick the Finalists

Once you have narrowed down your search by asking your friends and family and conducting your own phone interviews, you should be down to about two siding installation companies. You want to do thorough research on the internet of these two companies. Try to dig up reviews not just on their site, but other sites that would be less biased. Once you have checked these sources, as well as the Better Business Bureau, it is time to sit down with your potential siding installers. You want to see how they are in person, how willing they are to do the job you request, and if they seem easy going or not. Furthermore, you want to see if your personalities mesh well together. While you won’t be speaking every day, a siding installer may be someone you are dealing with for an extended amount of time, depending on the job. Make sure it’s someone you feel you can voice your concerns to if need be.

Another step you want to take, if you really want to make sure these are the guys for you, is to visit them on a job site, if you are allowed. Seeing them work may give you a good feeling about your own home. Also, check bids to make sure they are understandable and that your siding installer will break them down if necessary. You also want to check out payment schedules and see which company coincides best with your needs. Investigate the way the payments are spaced out and what the company will want at the beginning of the job versus the end.

Pick your Siding Installers

After all this background work, you finally feel like you have chosen wisely. You have done the research, had the meeting and checked the bids. Now, it is time to go over the contract. You want to ensure your contract meets your requirements as well as what you discussed previously. Go over the contract thoroughly. Look for a few things listed here:

  • Proof of Liability and Workers Comp
  • Project Start and End Date
  • Payments
  • Project Materials and Products
  • Permit and Zoning Prices
  • Cleanup Expectations
  • Pre and Post Site Inspection

Make sure you fully understand each part of the contract. Once you feel confident, sign the dotted line!

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