If you have been keeping up with our blog, and have noticed some issues with your siding, it might be time for a replacement. It’s important to know what the right time to replace your home’s siding is, and how it will benefit you. Our siding installers in Colorado Springs know all there is to know about siding and will take good care of you, and your home. At DJK Construction Inc. in Colorado Springs, we want to make sure your home is always protected with our siding installation.

Learn why fall is the best time to give our siding installers a call.


Our busy season tends to be in the spring and summer, so sometimes we feel a little overwhelmed. If you wait until the fall, that’s when we offer our best deals because it’s our off season, we aren’t getting as much install jobs. We want to work as long as possible while the weather still allows, and Colorado falls are pretty mild and can last into early to mid-November. We also want to move out our old inventory and make way for the new. We will usually discount our siding and installs at the same time.


If you are installing vinyl siding on your home, you should check out our previous blog here. One thing you always have to be mindful of , when it comes to the installation of vinyl siding, is that it expands and contracts. If you are installing it in the heat, it is most likely already expanded. It’s imperative that the installer makes sure to leave enough space between your home and vinyl siding, because the vinyl, if it’s too tight, it could crack during the winter months. Fall is ideal because the weather is moderate and it is the perfect temperature to do a proper installation of the siding on your Colorado Springs home.

Prepare for Winter

If you get your siding installation done before winter, your home will be prepared with a brand new seal to help in those cold winter months. Also, when you get new siding installed, our team will make sure to patch up gaps, that will also help with your heating and energy costs this winter.

Warm Vs. Cold

Because, believe it or not, we do tend to have more mild winters, the best time to do your siding installation is late fall. Our weather lately has been just been unseasonably warm, but soon it’s going to get cold and we want to keep you warm all winter long. If we were an even colder climate, you would want your installation to take place during early fall.

If you’re considering replacing your siding, your installation should be done as soon as possible. Don’t put it off for another year, give DJK Construction Inc. in Colorado Springs, a call today. Our siding installers can help you figure out which siding will fit your home best and will make sure the installation is always done with the best precision. Give us call in Colorado Springs before that first snowfall!