If you are thinking about selling your Colorado Springs home, now is the time! The market is good, and Colorado is prime real estate for many individuals and families. Colorado has appeal for anyone and everyone. If you are looking to upgrade or move out of the Colorado Springs area altogether, we have some tips on how you can increase the value of your home, so you can sell it fast and with ease.

DJK Construction, Inc. knows a beautiful house when we see one. It has to have many components to be eye-catching, and one of those is the exterior. The way the outside of your home appears is important because it is the way the house makes the first impression. Having unique and durable siding on the home can increase the value more than you realize.

Here are 5 tips to improve the value of your Colorado Springs home:

Clean the Mess

One of the biggest turn offs from a potential buyer’s perspective is an unkept home. Homes that are messy, cluttered, and smell a little funky are not a home someone wants to invest their money into. When you know you will be selling your home, it’s time to do a massive overhaul. Think of it as spring cleaning but more intense. You want to rid the home of anything that is unnecessary and you also want to make the space a little less personal. The reason for this is so that the buyer can picture themselves within your home. When you have an abundant amount of personal touches, this makes it difficult for them to do so. If you are fairly unorganized, you may want to consider bringing in the professionals. They can help you organize your home in a way that it will likely sell. Don’t miss out on a new home because you insisted on keeping every copy of reader’s digest out on display.

Remodel the Kitchen

One of the most used spaces within your Colorado Springs home is the kitchen. Investing in your home and kitchen can help the value of your home skyrocket. If you have the means, a remodel may be the best option, but if you don’t, fixing little things here and there will make a huge difference. Make sure the kitchen is fully functional. If you have old countertops that look worn, consider replacing and or refinishing them. Having a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing kitchen can help sell your home that much quicker.

Remodel the Bathroom

Another very important room within your home is the bathroom. Taking simple measures like caulking tiles or the tub will be a great step in improving the bathroom. If you do have it in the budget, think about upgrading the sink or floors. Another addition that isn’t an expensive project is a new toilet. A new toilet will upgrade the look of the bathroom and it can increase your home’s water efficiency, which is always something buyers are looking for.


Adding a fresh coat of paint can help take a room to the next level. Hitting the bathroom and kitchen with some new paint can make all the difference. You don’t need to go all out and repaint your whole home, but painting a few rooms and thoroughly cleaning the walls can help move your home on the market.


Here is where our siding installers come in! Upgrading your home’s exterior will give your a house a whole new look to appeal to all different types of buyers. Start by focusing on the landscape and making it look more presentable. Then move on to the siding, whether it be repair or replacement. Our siding installers are the experts and will let know what you need for your Colorado Springs home.

Contact us today to learn about all siding and repair options!