If you’ve been paying attention to the DJK Construction, Inc. blog, you’ve probably seen our previous posts about the underlying (and expensive) damage that can happen to your home if your old vinyl siding has warped or buckled in any way. As responsible homeowners, however, knowing the problems to look out for is only half the battle. Knowing the causes behind the most common siding issues can help you keep an eye out for trouble and prevent that major damage from happening. The 5 most common siding issues are:


#1 – Warping or Buckling

Of all the potential problems with your siding, this is the one you’re most likely to see at a glance. If siding is not installed properly, the panels may buckle, warp, or come away from the side of your house, which can lead to some serious issues underneath. However, proper installation depends on what type of siding you have. For example, wood siding should be nailed tightly to the sides of the house. On the opposite end of the spectrum, vinyl siding should be attached to fasteners so the entire system can expand and contract with weather variations. If vinyl siding has warped, the likelihood is good that it was installed too tightly.


#2 – Flashing Issues

The flashing is what protects the edges of your siding, so moisture can’t get underneath the panels. You’ll find it around doors and windows as well as along the roofline and, as with buckling siding, you may be able to just see any damage from a visual inspection. You’ll want to check the flashing as closely as possible, or ask a siding contractor to come take a look, because one small leak that finds its way under the siding can lead to major home damage.


#3 – Moisture Problems

Because vinyl siding is not installed tightly against the side of your home, there should always be a moisture barrier between the outer walls of your home and the siding – yes, even here in dry Colorado. Unfortunately, there is no way to see that barrier once the siding is installed, so this is one step where it’s vitally important you’ve found a trustworthy siding contractor.



#4 – Mold Growth

Fortunately or unfortunately, mold growth is another problem with your siding you’ll usually be able to spot without help. If you have a gray or white powdery-looking substance with black spots growing on your siding, you have a mold issue. This happens when moisture is trapped, often because of bushes or shrubs are too close to allow the area to dry out sufficiently. If this happens, trim back your landscaping; if that doesn’t clear things up, you may need to talk to a siding contractor to determine the cause.


#5 – Noise Issues

Another issue that can come from improperly installed siding is the issue of noise and, because Colorado can get pretty windy, poor siding installation can lead to a very noisy home. If you have to listen to your home creak and clatter every time the wind blows, call a siding contractor to come check whether your siding is too loose.
If you are experiencing any of these siding issues, call siding contractors you can trust to get everything fixed up properly. Call DJK Construction, Inc., Colorado’s trusted siding experts for everything from siding installation to repairs!