Add James Hardie Siding for Amazing Beauty and Durability

siding contractors LittletonWhether you’re looking to sell your home or would just like to increase your personal pride of ownership, increasing your home’s “curb appeal” boosts its value in both the real estate market and your own personal satisfaction. There are a variety of additions and upgrades that are easy to make for improving the exterior of your home; some of them are quite inexpensive and easy to do too. From landscaping, fencing, exterior painting and siding applications, take an unbiased look at the outside of your home to look for areas of improvement. As siding contractors in Denver and Colorado Springs, we recommend that you consider the esthetics of the following:

  • Siding – No amount of landscaping and color can overcome a dilapidated exterior of a home. Looking rundown and problematic, old siding and walls deliver the message that your home is uncared for. Update with today’s most innovative fiber cement siding for a fresh, inviting exterior that promises decades of functional beauty.
  • Exterior paint – Make sure that the other elements of your home’s structure is protected by removing all chipped and splitting paint and reapplying where needed. Those selling their home should assess window and door trim, stucco, siding and masonry areas for signs of aging paint. Faded, stained and chipped areas lead people to believe that the house is rundown and may have more serious structural issues.
  • Landscaping – From the lawn to the top of the trees, a good landscape plan helps shade the home, brings in regional wildlife and optimizes the natural eco-system of the area. Keep your landscape clean, well-maintained and clear of debris. Trim trees back to reveal more of the house front in order to make it more inviting and appear larger. Sagging limbs should also be considered a danger and be cut away. Add mulch to garden beds and around  the base of trees to help protect from pests and for better moisture control. Add regional flowers to add color and keep your lawn green.
  • Fencing – Adding a short picket fence around the front of your home is an inexpensive and impressive way to add interest and character. Picket fences can also help delineate your property boundaries and keep out unwanted animals.

By increasing your curb appeal, you automatically increase the market value of your home. Because we offer only the very best in fiber cement siding, our work helps to ensure both an increase in curb appeal and long-lasting beauty and durability. Find out more about James Hardie siding and how we can help update your home in the most beautiful ways.

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