High-quality siding is rated as the number one way to see a return on your investment

Andante 4Yes, a great kitchen matters. And so do updated, well-appointed bathrooms. And paint and fixtures will always make a feel welcoming and attractive. But when it comes down to what home improvement project delivers at sale time, fiber cement siding reigns. For yet another year, the experts at Remodeling Magazine point at siding as being the upgrade that delivers the most bang for your buck, estimating that adding fiber cement siding delivers an 87 percent return.

Though others would question the glamour-factor of siding, as siding contractors serving Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs, we understand why siding would top the list of ROI leaders. High-quality siding not only adds a dimension of beauty, updating the exterior of any home or office; it ensures the structural integrity of both residential and commercial building for years, even decades. Highly resistant to fading, cracking or peeling, fiber cement siding is recognized by both home buyers and experts as being a home improvement project that promises more than just a pretty face. There is a guarantee of low-maintenance durability that is appreciated by those that understand true quality and look to invest in such.

Because James Hardie siding is the unquestioned leader in the industry, we only use the siding manufacturer for every one of our fiber cement siding needs. James Hardie has been recognized as the very best since their beginnings in the early 1990’s. Choosing the unparalleled best is just one of the ways we take care of our customer, helping to ensure their complete satisfaction in their investment.

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