Siding is an important part of any building; not only does it provide them with aesthetic appeal, but also with an extra layer against wind, water, and other wear and tear. When it comes to commercial siding, there is an extremely diverse set of options available to you if you choose to replace your siding with something a little more modern and appealing to customers. However, another question on your mind is likely, “would it be more cost effective to repair or replace my siding?” In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the main pros and cons of both replacing and repairing your commercial siding.

Replacing Siding

All it takes is a short drive down the street to see countless businesses replacing their old, outdated siding. Siding not only has an impact on the way your business looks but it also completely changes the impressions your customers have of your business. New, contemporary designs show customers that your company is always looking to the future and trying to find new ways to improve. On the other hand, old, outdated siding may not say the opposite, but it certainly won’t be standing out from the crowd in any way. Below are just a few of the main reasons you’ll want to have your siding replaced entirely.

Rot – If your siding is rotting, even if it’s just a little bit, you’re most likely going to want to replace it. Repairs are certainly an option, however, this is a clear sign that your siding is seeing its last days and would benefit from a replacement

Costly repairs – If you have either spent a lot of money on repairing your siding lately or you’re currently faced with a major repair project for your siding, it doesn’t hurt to look into replacing it altogether. Siding is similar to the heating and cooling systems in your home in that once they start to go bad and they’re getting old, it may be more cost effective to have them replaced.

Sun fading – Especially common with wood siding, fading tends to happen to siding after so many years of exposure to the elements. If your commercial siding has seen a lot of sun fading, you may want to look into replacement.

It’s old – Just like any part of a home or commercial building, your siding can become outdated. This includes both signs of physical wear and lack of appeal. Aside from your roof and windows, your siding is the most important of a building aesthetically, so it’s only natural to want to replace it when it’s no longer appealing.

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