In the world of siding, there are a wealth of options for both commercial and residential building use. When it comes to building anything, be that home, school, office park, apartment complex, or other building, the goal is, generally, to ensure the structure meets the needs of the buyer, is structurally sound, is made of durable materials, and will meet certain aesthetic expectations—all without driving the building cost sky high. That’s a lot of weight to carry! Choosing the right materials for your home or business can have a major impact on everything from how long the building will last to what potential customers think as they approach. In today’s post, we’ll dig a bit deeper into commercial fiber cement panel options, like those from top producers like Nichiha.


Residential and Commercial Use

Fiber cement panel options come in a wide range of options because this material can be so easily shaped and customized. This makes it the perfect option for residential projects and commercial building alike. Commercial fiber cement panels come in a variety of patterns and textures that range from traditional to modern, which means you can build a home to look like it’s covered in wood shingles without the fire risk that traditional wood shingles presents. Or, for a sleek, modern commercial structure, commercial fiber cement panels allow you to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and choose paneling that is streamlined and eye-catching. Because of the base materials, commercial fiber cement panels are easier to install than more traditional siding options like wood or natural stone. There are hundreds of different commercial cement panel options available, so the toughest part is deciding which style you want to choose.


Quality that Lasts

Commercial fiber cement panel options are not just versatile in appearance, but they are also impressively durable! Once installed, commercial fiber cement panels need very little upkeep or maintenance and will continue to look fresh and new. Commercial cement panels are made from a highly stable material so the colors are fade resistant and the material is crack resistant. Don’t be concerned about the ravages of wind, snow, ice, and sun damage that happen naturally here in Colorado; commercial cement paneling can hold up against the onslaught well.

Unlike many other siding options, commercial fiber cement panel siding doesn’t need much in the way of upkeep. Usually, the only maintenance commercial cement panels need is a quick wash with mild soap and water to get off the worst dust and grime. Otherwise, the colors and texture will keep looking fresh longer, which will help improve your return when you go to sell your home or other property. And, because of its design, commercial fiber cement panel siding is generally easy to install, which helps keep the cost down.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of commercial fiber cement panel siding or to start wading through the multitude of textures and colors available from trusted manufacturers like Nichiha, contact DJK Siding, Colorado’s siding experts!