Real estate agents and home builders all promise to find or build your dream home, but how often do they really succeed? More often than not, something more aesthetic, like your home’s exterior preferences, will be sacrificed for a home with a great interior layout and an amazing yard. After all, it’s easier to change the paint colors on the walls or the material covering your home’s exterior than it is to pick up the right house and move it wholesale to a better lot. Unfortunately, it’s pretty near impossible to find the perfect house in the perfect location with everything you want already in place—at least, not without emptying your savings and then some. If budget is a concern, focus first on finding the home with the right structure. With options like fiber cement panels, changing your home’s exterior becomes pretty easy to do!

Making Old Homes New

Do you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more classic Cape Cod style home? No matter what the look you prefer, fiber cement paneling is a great option to help you achieve a specific look without major demolition to your home. Think about so many of the homes built during the 1960s and 70s. More often than not, they look like plain, character-less rectangles. Many homes from this era have brick part of the way up for a bit of aesthetic appeal, but that’s about it. But if a home was well-maintained by previous owners, don’t let that lack of curb appeal scare you off. Instead, think of it as a blank canvas! With a bit of imagination, that bland rectangular exterior can be shaped to reflect your style preferences.

Fiber Cement Panels

Whether you choose a classic option like lap siding or a more modern choice like solid panels, fiber cement panels from manufacturers like James Hardie give you the tools you need to shape your home’s exterior to your preferences. Of course, your local siding contractors can tell you what is and isn’t feasible, but the beauty of fiber cement panels is they come in a variety of shapes, textures, and colors so they can be customized to your taste. They don’t need much in the way of upkeep, unlike wooden paneling, and they cost less to install than wood or natural stone.

Add Extra Features

Choosing the right fiber cement panel options will make a huge difference in the look of your home, all on its own. If you’re really looking to change up your home’s exterior, we suggest adding a focal feature or two. Think about adding false shutters to frame windows or, if your home’s front exterior is one long, flat rectangle, think about adding a small overhang or porch to the front of your home. Talk to your contractors about adding siding with a different texture to accent the area under the roof line or to make an addition stand out without looking out of place.

Learn more about commercial fiber cement panels and the options you can create for your Colorado home. Contact DJK Siding today to get started on making your home match your dreams!