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It’s been a cold, snowy winter in Denver, but at long last, spring has sprung. As freezing days give way to balmy breezes, many people will rush to throw open their windows and let the fresh air chase away the stuffiness.

But, inevitably, this will force us to actually look at our windows. Then we’ll see how dirty they are after months of winter storms and it’ll make us want to go back into hibernation.

DJK Siding and Construction specializes in new window installation and window replacement services, but if it’s just the dirt and grime that’s giving you fits, we’ve got some cleaning hacks that can make the job go much quicker.

Get A Squeegee

The days of scrubbing with paper towels or (gasp!) balled up pieces of Sunday’s newspaper are over. Take a hint from people who clean window for a living and get yourself a high quality window squeegee. With this tool in hand, you’ll just have to apply cleaner and swipe.

Make Your Own Cleaner

Speaking of cleaner, why spend three to five dollars a bottle when you could make your own window cleaner at home for practically nothing? A solution of water and white vinegar is all you need for windows that sparkle. It’s kinder on the environment too!

Find A Chalkboard Eraser

Although the squeegee is going to turn you into a speedy-fast window washer, you might notice that it does occasionally leave some streaks behind. Don’t let them drive you crazy. Just head to the nearest office supply store and pick up an old fashioned chalkboard eraser. Rub that gently over the window after it’s clean and you’ll watch all those streaks disappear.

Remember, DJK Siding and Construction is always on hand to help you choose new energy efficient windows or window replacement for a pane that’s cracked. But we’re not helping with cleaning. That’s up to you!