When it comes to house siding, it’s not all created equal. That’s especially true as far as cleaning is concerned. Wood siding can be a pain in the neck, and that’s a big reason why more and more people have switched to vinyl siding. It’s one of the parts of your home that requires the least amount of maintenance since it’s highly resistant to most common stains.

However, like anything else, it does require occasional cleaning. Keep reading for a few handy tips to keep your vinyl siding looking good.

  • In order to remove dirt, grime, and other gunk from your siding, you’ll need a soft bristle brush or cloth, as well as a garden hose. Scrub the siding with soapy water until you’ve loosed up the dirt. Then, spray away the dirt with the hose. For best results, be sure to wash from the bottom up, and rinse before the soap dries.
  • Be sure to eyeball your siding while cleaning, and keep an eye out for any vinyl boards that are cracked or otherwise damaged. If they need to be replaced, no problem, since vinyl boards are simple to find and replace.
  • Sometimes stubborn stains just won’t come off. If elbow grease won’t get the job done, consider pressure rinsing. You’ll need to be careful, since prolonged pressure washing can create problems, and some cleaning solutions can damage fixtures, depending on which chemicals they contain. Read the instructions thoroughly before use.
  • If you’re in need of a specialized vinyl cleaner, contact us, and we can recommend the right product for the job.