The good news is, the end of summer is nearly here. The bad news is, 2016 is on record as having had the hottest summer in history. According to scientific projections, as time goes on it’s only going to get hotter. As a result, we should all expect to have a greater need for cooling during the summer months. But how can we keep cool and still keep our energy bills reasonable?

As siding contractors, we’ve been in a unique position to witness developments in energy efficient technologies. We’ve got 4 suggestions to boost the efficiency of your home and decrease energy bills.

  1. The exterior of your home is a major source of energy efficiency, and if your siding is over 15 years old, odds are you’re losing insulation. But siding today is made from materials like fiberglass and vinyl, which provide superior insulation and keep the elements outside, where they belong.
  2. If you’ve weathered a storm and you suspect some shingles are damaged or missing, get them repaired as soon as possible. Damaged or missing shingles can be an excellent means of allowing water to seep past your roof’s protective shield. Excess moisture can be a breeding ground for mold, as well as weakening the home’s structure.
  3. Humidity is a constant enemy during the summer. Excess moisture is not only uncomfortable, but it also forces your air conditioner to work harder, which costs you more money. Whenever you can, use ceiling fans and open windows to promote good ventilation.
  4. By overextending the life of your roof, two problems get created. First, you end up spending more money over time to take care of repairs. Second, you run the risk of dangers created, such as mold infestations. New roofing materials tend to last longer, be environmentally friendly, and protect against the elements more efficiently.