When you’re considering any large home improvement project that requires a big investment, you have a lot on your mind. You are not only considering budget, installation material types, and when you should invest in the project, but also who should complete the project. Hiring a contractor can be intimidating if you aren’t sure what you should expect and don’t know about the industry standards.

Today’s post on the DJK Construction blog will show you what you should expect from the Denver siding contractor you hire. Keep reading to learn about the non-negotiables, and visit our website to learn about our Top Rated Local® siding services.   

5 Things the Contractor You Hire Should Have

When you know what expectations you should have for contractors vying for your project, it makes hiring for the job you need easier. Any contractor worthy of your consideration should meet these bare minimum standards. 

License & Insurance

The siding contractor in Denver must have all necessary licensing and professional insurance policies. Them having these shows that they are industry professionals and have invested in the welfare of their business. Additionally, insurance protects you should injury or damage occur: if your contractor doesn’t have insurance and an accident occurs, you could be stuck with the bill. 

Experience & Reviews

Experience further shows that your contractor knows exactly what they are doing and will install your new siding correctly — keeping your warranty intact. Most reputable contractors will be upfront about their experience. However, to learn more about them and how they truly treat their clients, ask around and read client reviews!

Projected Cost

Every contractor should be able to accurately provide a quote — or, at the very least, an estimate before you hire them. If a prospective siding contractor can’t give you a quote, then it’s best to find someone else more experienced and with greater professionalism to install your siding. Siding is a major investment — only trust the best to take care of it!

Labor & Material Warranties

The work that any contractor performs as well as the materials used should always come with a warranty. What’s more, a material warranty may only remain intact if the contractor abides by certain installation practices. Ask your contractor about the warranties that are provided, and see that the specifics about the warranties are included in your written contract. 

Written Contract

Before any contractor begins a project on your home or other structure, they should provide you with a written contract that specifies the services that will be provided, how much you will be required to pay, warranties, and other legalities. If your contractor is resistant to providing a contract, do not proceed! Any reputable contractor will provide a contract that clearly defines all aspects of each parties responsibilities. 

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