The siding contractors of DJK Siding take great pride in our work and that is why we only offer our clients the best materials on the market that will provide them the look and longevity that they are looking for. We offer a variety of siding materials such as cedar siding, aluminum siding, stone, stucco, vinyl siding, and fiber cement siding. If you read our last blog post “The Most Sustainable Siding Options,” you will have learned a little about cement fiber siding and why many people in Denver are opting to use this in their siding replacement and installation applications. 

Today, we are going to discuss why we offer this innovative siding material and, more specifically, why we choose James Hardie™ siding products. Stay right here to learn more and visit the DJK Siding website. We have been serving Denver, Boulder, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Fort Collins areas for over four decades. 

James Hardie Cement Fiber Siding: What You Need to Know

James Hardie products have been changing the game for siding contractors and their customers for years. Their fiber cement siding is as their website says “engineered to stand up to the elements and [help you] stand out in your neighborhood.” For Colorado homeowners and property managers, this material allows their residences to outshine other potential residences and to withstand the Colorado weather extremes which can be extremely hard on our homes and multifamily buildings. In our experience, James Hardie siding always delivers as promised.

Why Do We Choose James Hardie?

There are a few reasons why we have chosen to partner with James Hardie and offer their cement fiber siding products: 

Industry Leader

It is estimated that over 8 million homes in North America have chosen to use James Hardie siding. Amidst rave reviews from homeowners and property managers, they have also received the Good Housekeeping Seal from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. It isn’t just the Good Housekeeping Research Institute that has given this siding material their stamp of approval. Others include: 

  • Builder
  • Cabin Blog
  • NAHB National Green Building Program
  • Remodeling Cost Vs. Value Report #1 ROI
  • Money magazine
  • GreenBuilder
  • Qualified Remodeler
  • NARI® National Association of the Remodeling Industry Member
  • Platinum Winner of Brand Builder Awards

Intentionally Designed

Cement fiber siding by James Hardie is designed intentionally to withstand the wear-and-tear of the elements no matter if they are the expected such as weather extremes like we experience here in Denver, or those situations we hope won’t happen to us like a fire. James Hardie siding is engineered to be: 

  • Moisture & rot resistance
  • Fire-resistant
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Pest resistant (even woodpeckers)
  • Stand-up to hair and blizzard conditions

As a result of all these benefits, this siding material can help our clients save time and money — and help your property to look its best for years to come. 

ColorPlus® Technology

One reason why we love James Hardi is for their ColorPlus Technology. With this technology, they are able to provide a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality color choices — that last longer than a typical painting job on your residence. Each piece of siding is covered with multiple coats of color and between applications is cured to prevent peeling, cracking, and chipping. As a result, the color is long-lasting and doesn’t fade in the sun — and out-lasts traditional paint every time!

What Does This Mean For You?

When you install James Hardie siding on your home, multi-family residence, or commercial space, you can not only enjoy beautiful, high-quality siding, but you can also experience measurable savings. You will save money because: 

  • Cement fiber siding is essentially maintenance-free
  • It is nearly indestructible
  • Can lower insurance costs
  • Lasts longer than traditional siding and vinyl siding
  • Lasts longer than traditional paint
  • Can draw more residents and keep residents longer, allowing you to make more money (multi-family units)

 James Hardie Building Products invented cement fiber siding over 30 years ago and they continue to be ahead of the competition as their siding is at least five generations more advanced other cement fiber siding companies. Don’t just take it from us or James Hardie! Read client reviews here!

We hope you enjoyed learning about one of our favorite products to use! If you have questions about James Hardie siding and the cost of siding replacement and installation, visit our website and get a free project quote!