How’s your house looking these days? No, not that pile of dishes in the sink that you’ve been hoping would just wash themselves. How about the outside of your house? Although we spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the interior of our homes, the exterior often goes without all of this tender loving care. Yet over time, weather, pollution, and sunlight can cause a home’s exterior to become dull, dirty, and even damaged. If you’ve decided it’s time to give your house a facelift, you’ve probably been researching siding contractors in Colorado Springs. But do you know how to tell the qualified professionals from the inexperienced newbies?

Here are some “interview” questions to keep in your back pocket. Any contractor worth his salt will be able to provide you with satisfactory answers.

Are You Licensed In The State Of Colorado?

Many states, including Colorado, require that contractors carry proper licenses in order to conduct major home improvement projects, like the replacement of siding. Some less-than-honorable contractors may tell you that they’re licensed, when their credentials have actually expired or, even worse, never existed in the first place. You might think hiring one of these companies is a way to save money, but it’s actually a large financial risk. Instead, always ask for the company’s license number and verify before allowing them to start work.

Do You Have Liability And Workman’s Comp Insurance?

Just like the proper permits and licenses, a quality contractor will always carry the appropriate amounts of insurance for any and all workers who set foot on your property. If they don’t, and something goes wrong, work could be delayed or even suspended, and you could be left dealing with all of the financial consequences.

Will You Determine If Insulation Is Needed Before Installation?

Removing old siding and replacing it with new siding is a big ordeal, so why not make the most of it? When your house is “naked” it’s a great time to evaluate the state of your current insulation. Upgrading it or replacing sections that are damaged could save you a ton of money on heating and cooling bills. Ask your contractor if they’ll evaluate the insulation and let you know if that should be replaced as well.

What Kind Of Siding Do You Recommend For My Home, And Why?

Every contractor has their favorite brands and styles of siding, but don’t let them tell you that you only have one option. If they make a recommendation of the type of siding they’d like to use, ask them to explain the reason behind it. There are a wide variety of siding options on the market today, and each has its pros and cons. Your contractor should educate you on each possibility, as well as the benefits it will deliver.

As you can see from these questions, choosing siding contractors in Colorado Springs isn’t something to take too lightly. Your home is your castle, and it deserves the best possible workmanship so that it will keep your family safe and warm for many years to come.

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