1. Pests To Watch Out for with Wood Siding

    While wood siding leaves an appealing look to your home, it is wise to be aware of what can wreak havoc as well. Wood siding is known to attract different creatures that can destroy the outside of your beautiful Denver home. At DJK Construction, Inc., we want to make sure your siding is always in tip top shape. Our siding contractors know what to look for and how to prevent different animals and b…Read More

  2. Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding From Your Siding Contractors

    Choosing the exterior material of your home can be a process. You may hear many things about each material and it may cloud your judgment as to what's right and or wrong for your Colorado Springs home. One siding we haven't mentioned yet in our blog is fiber cement. Fiber cement has been an up-and-coming material for the outside of your home, and it may be the right siding choice for you. At DJK C…Read More

  3. How to Choose Your Siding Color in Denver

    If you are buying a new home, or are remodeling your current home in Denver, you should pay close attention to the siding that you choose. The outside of your home is important to think about because it is the first impression your home makes. With thousands of materials to choose from, you would think that would be the hardest part. Once you pick the siding of your choice, whether it be aluminum,…Read More

  4. Why Aluminum is recommended by your siding contractor in Colorado Springs

    When you think about siding your home, there are many options to consider. Sometimes, it may even feel overwhelming with the number of choices you have now compared to previous years. Your home needs to express who you are and your aesthetic. One type of siding that has been making a comeback recently is aluminum siding. Aluminum siding comes in many different colors and patterns and takes away so…Read More

  5. When’s the best time to call our siding installers in Colorado Springs

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, and have noticed some issues with your siding, it might be time for a replacement. It’s important to know what the right time to replace your home’s siding is, and how it will benefit you. Our siding installers in Colorado Springs know all there is to know about siding and will take good care of you, and your home. At DJK Construction Inc. in Colorado…Read More

  6. What Your Siding Contractors Want You Know About Wood Siding

    Wood homes in Denver, have a beautiful look and a classic style. However, this type of siding is a bit more high maintenance and can be damaged by simple things in the environment. At DJK Construction, Inc. in Denver, we like our customers to be educated by our skilled and knowledgeable siding contractors. Make an informed decision when it comes to the siding your Denver home. The wood siding comp…Read More

  7. Problems With Your Vinyl Siding in Denver

    Living in Denver, we are exposed to all of the elements. Blizzards, rainfall, heat, and extreme cold just to name a few. People call us the “four seasons in a day” state for a reason. When thinking about your home, make sure you think about Colorado in this context. Being aware of the dangers of weather is imperative in a state like this and DJK siding in Denver is going to help make sure that…Read More

  8. Fiber Cement Siding: King of Home Improvement ROI

    High-quality siding is rated as the number one way to see a return on your investment Yes, a great kitchen matters. And so do updated, well-appointed bathrooms. And paint and fixtures will always make a feel welcoming and attractive. But when it comes down to what home improvement project delivers at sale time, fiber cement siding reigns. For yet another year, the experts at Remodeling Magazine p…Read More

  9. Wavy Siding? What May be Causing that Rippled Effect

    The Causes of Wavy Vinyl Siding Most of the time, professional siding contractors do what they can to ensure that your siding project is of high-quality and promises long-lasting beauty. However, just one badly-trained employee can ruin the crisp, clean look of siding, creating what looks like waves in the panels. Without the understanding of what siding will do under certain moisture and weather …Read More

  10. How To Inspect Your Siding For Potential Repairs

    You hired professional contractors to perform siding installation on your Boulder home, so your job is done, right? Now it's time to sit back and relax while your home appreciates in value. Not so fast! Many homeowners fail to realize that whether it’s vinyl or stucco, wood or fiber cement, siding has to be inspected on a regular basis. It’s your home’s first line of defense against the elem…Read More