Denver is a gorgeous city to live in, but it can get pretty expensive and the properties aren’t always new. It’s this type of scenario that we especially focus on when it comes to window replacements. This procedure can save you money, raise your efficiency and increase the value of your home. Check out some of the blogs that we have in this part of our blog and you’ll see just how valuable investing in this process can be. Reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

  1. Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Get Windows Replaced

    Hello, and welcome back once again to our blog here at DJK Construction, Inc. We’ve been experiencing some nice weather this fall making it the perfect time to get some work done outside or around the house, or to simply just enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. On the other hand, if this weather has got you wondering what more you can be doing to improve your home, you’re not alone! Here at…Read More

  2. 3 Quick And Easy Window Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

    It's been a cold, snowy winter in Denver, but at long last, spring has sprung. As freezing days give way to balmy breezes, many people will rush to throw open their windows and let the fresh air chase away the stuffiness. But, inevitably, this will force us to actually look at our windows. Then we'll see how dirty they are after months of winter storms and it’ll make us want to go back into hibe…Read More