Leaks happen. We get that, and no matter how well constructed a roof is, there’s always a chance of seeing that telltale water spot on your ceiling. But suppose you’ve had a leak repaired, and it comes back again…and again. Like a bad penny, they turn up. Why does it continue to happen?

As experienced siding contractors, we’re frequently installing roofs and minimizing the chances of leaks, or we’re doing repairs to stop leaks. Here are a few reasons why leaks just keep coming back.

  • When chronic leaks occur, it’s frequently an indication that water damage has bypassed the main roofing components. Shingles that are loose or missing might not be the problem. Rather, the underlayment, or area under your roof, might have sustained damage. If this is the case, the smartest option is often the installation of a brand new roof.
  • We get it, nobody likes cleaning leaves out of the gutter. But it’s worth doing for the security of your roof. When your gutters become clogged by leaves, dirt, and other debris, water has no way to go down. As a result, it will pool around the gutters, siding, and the roof itself. You’ll also see pools of water collecting at the base of your house, and that’s a surefire sign that your gutters are backed up.
  • Water leaks can be insidious, and they won’t always find a way in through the roof. If your siding took damage during a storm, or if mold has slowly accumulated over a long period of time, it will give water a path inside. Siding damage can be tricky to spot, so it’s worth your time to call in a professional.