Sometimes it feels like everything in life has to be cleaned.

Dishes. Clothes. Bathrooms. Sidewalks. Everything we touch eventually gets dirty and bothers us until it gets cleaned

And now we’re going to add another item to this never ending cleaning list: your roof.

That’s right, your roof, which works day and night to protect you from the elements, occasionally needs a little TLC. Unfortunately, many Denver homeowners neglect this task because, as they say, “out of sight out of mind.” Without a proper annual cleaning, debris can collect on your roof which looks bad and leaves it at risk for future damage. If you don’t want to have to call the roofers because of a bigger problem down the road, take some time to clean your roof in one (or more) of the following ways.


You sweep your kitchen floor and the porch steps, so why not the roof? Sweeping is a great way to remove dirt, dust, and light debris like pine needles or dry tree leaves. Be very careful while you’re sweeping, as you want to leave the shingle granules in tact. Also, only get on your roof if you can do so safely. If not, or if you’re just a little anxious about it, call the roofers at DJK Contractors.


If there’s still some dirt or debris left after sweeping, you might try rinsing your roof with the garden hose and a spray attachment. Only do this if the roof is in good repair. If you notice any of the warning signs that your roof may be failing, call the roofers before you expose it to additional moisture.

Pressure Wash

If you’re trying to rid the roof of stains, pressure washing will probably be the most efficient option. Using a mixture of hot water, detergent, and bleach will remove stains from soot, rust, mold, and algae.