The first thing you notice about a home is the way it looks. Does it have pretty fiber cement siding or impeccable landscaping? It’s probably safe to say that it’s easy on the eyes. However, the aspects of a home that make it truly great aren’t so easy to spot just by looking. These days, homeowners are concerned with more than looks; they also want a home that’s energy efficient.

As an experienced Boulder siding, roofing, and window specialist, DJK Siding and Construction knows what it takes to keep energy inside your house and money in your bank account where it belongs. Although curly light bulbs and low flow toilets get a lot of the spotlight, the roofing you choose can also have a big impact on your utility bills.

Here are just a few roofing tips that can help you improve the energy efficiency of your entire home.

Choose A “Cool” Color

Black asphalt shingles are the cheapest and most common type of roofing. They’re far from the best choice when it comes to efficiency, however. Black roofs conduct energy down into your house instead of reflecting it away. These days, shingles are available in more colors than ever before, not to mention there are aftermarket “cool coatings” that can be applied to help your roof resist the heat.

Add Some Insulation

We insulate our walls but many people forget to insulate their roofs. This is unfortunate because a poorly insulated roof lets heat out in the winter and air conditioning out in the summer. These bills, along with your carbon emissions, can be drastically reduced by the addition of roof insulation in your attic.

Think Green

In addition to colors and coatings, roofing materials are also getting more environmentally-friendly. This is why it’s important to deal with experienced roofing companies when choosing replacement options. The right roofer will be able to assess your home in relation to the climate and recommend a material that can help you increase energy efficiency. Some of these options include metal, tile, or concrete.

Want to know more about how new roofing can affect your home’s energy efficiency? Contact DJK Siding and Construction today.